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The Charles Weightman & Alan Bullimore Collection
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This site was created on 9th March 2003 and is primarily concerned with railway and other photography,
level (grade) crossings, railway signal engineering, transport ticketing and associated areas of my personal interest.
The site is being gradually added to and increased in size.
Please E mail comments to me on any area that could be improved. Copyright © John Tilly 2003-2018.

Acknowledgements: I would like to put on record my thanks to a number of people who have willingly assisted me in the creation of this site, Ray Hughes, Paul Robertshaw, Adrian the Rock, Nick Wellington, John Korbes, Paul Sutherland, Paul Titterton, Graham Bannister and many others. I would also like to thank John Whitaker, Peter Churchman, John Hillmer, Charles Weightman and Alan Bullimore for allowing 'collections' of their photographs to be added to this site.

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