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Ian's Railway Pictures

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Alcan Junction & Slateford

East Coast Main Line Level Crossings

The Army visits Wensleydale Railway

Aysgarth, Alcan Lynemouth & Haltwhistle

Modifications underway T111 Possession!


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Ian's Railway Pictures:
A collection of my railway pictures on subjects that interest me. There are no shots of traction or trains (unless they get in the way or are taken through signalbox windows) as my interest is mainly signalling. The pictures start in the late 60's and progress to today (ish). There are no particular subject headings or periods but I will try to post the pictures in specific batches on the same theme. I do hope you enjoy them. All photos are by me unless otherwise stated. Photographs that appear to be on or about the line have been taken from behind the wire or from a place of safety during duty time. Copyright © Ian Hughes 2005-7.
This Miniweb! was created on 12th November 2005. Miniwebs!: Copyright © John Tilly 2005-7.

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